This is where you can find all the firearms reviews and shooting videos. Keep checking back here, as in the coming days I will be writing articles for all of the firearms I’ve shown in my YouTube videos. Enjoy!


Henry Lever Action Axe .410

Palmetto State Armory KS-47

Extar EP9 Range Report

Extar Ep9 Disassembly

Taurus Tracker 44 Magnum

Heritage Rough Rider

Ruger EC9s Range Report

Ruger Ec9s Review And Field Strip

Ruger Security 9 Field Strip

Ruger Security 9

Hi Point 995ts

Star BM

Star BM Disassembly and Magazine Disconnect Removal

Cz 82

Zastava M57 Tokarev

ATI Titan LW 1911

Hatfield SGL Single Shot Shotgun